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Included here are upcoming and recent presentations done by NLLFS researchers, as well as media interviews, and news stories that reference NLLFS and/or its studies.

Upcoming & Recent Presentations

  • Opportunities and Challenges in Conducting Research on Same-Sex Parent Families

    Organizer: International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS)

    Title of Presentation: Opportunities and Challenges in Conducting Research on Same-Sex Parent Families

    Authors: Drs. Bos and Gartrell

    Event Dates: March 23–25, 2017

    Location: Vienna, Austria

  • Presentation at Mathematica Policy Research

    Organizer: Mathematica Policy Research

    Title of Presentation: The Health and Well-being of Adolescents with Lesbian Mothers: Findings from the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study

    Authors: Drs. Gartrell and Bos et al.

    Event Dates: October 11, 2016

    Location: Washington, D.C.

  • Presentation at the 31st International Conference of Psychology

    Organizer: International Conference of Psychology

    Title of Presentation: How Lesbian Mothers Prepare Adolescents for Homophobic Stigmatization

    Authors: Drs. Bos, van Rijn-van Gelderen, and Gartrell

    Event Dates: July 24-29, 2016

    Location: Yokohama, Japan

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  • United Press International (UPI) - More evidence gay parents raise well-adjusted kids

    by Maureen Salamon, HealthDay News

    Dr. Gartrell speaks about the uniqueness of the new study "Same-Sex and Different-Sex Parent Households and Child Health Outcomes."

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  • CNN - 'No differences' between children of same-sex and opposite-sex parents

    by Nadia Kounang

    Dr. Gartrell is interviewed about their new study that found the children of same-sex parents are just as healthy emotionally and physically as the children of different-sex parents.

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  • Science Daily - For kids raised in stable families, no difference in well-being with same-sex versus different-sex parents

    Drs. Bos and Gartrell comment on their recent study from the April Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.

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Mentions In the News

  • The Independent, U.K. - Supportive families help children to flourish "no matter what their structure"

    The NLLFS is cited “central" to Professor Golombok’s conclusions in Modern Families: Parents and Children in New Family Forms.

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  • Slate - What We Know—Really—About Lesbian and Gay Parenting

    Dr. Gartrell is quoted about the Dutch Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study.

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  • What We Know - What does the scholarly research say about the wellbeing of children with gay or lesbian parents?

    Studies by Drs. Gartrell, Bos, and van Rijn-van Gelderen, and Naomi Goldberg are cited on this public policy research portal from Columbia Law School.

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