Henny Bos, Ph.D.

Henny BosHenny Bos, Ph.D., is Professor Sexual and Gender Diversity in Families and Youth at the University of Amsterdam (Research Institute of Child Development and Education; RICDE). Her research and teaching have focused on children in planned lesbian mother and gay father families, and also on same-sex attracted, lesbian, gay and bisexual youth, and gender nonconforming youth. On both topics, Professor Bos has supervised Ph.D. candidates. Professor Bos is collaborating in an international study of gay fathers in the Netherlands, France and the UK, with a focus on early parent-child relationships. This international study is unique because the fathers became parents via surrogacy, which is complicated in Europe. Professor Bos is also coordinator of the master track "Preventive Youth Care" at the University of Amsterdam. She was awarded "Teacher of the Year" in the Research Institute of Child Development and Education three times, most recently in 2017. She also received the Emde Boas - Van Ussel award from the Dutch Society of Sexuality in 2019.



Henny Bos, Teacher of the Year 2017 Dr. Bos received the American Psychological Association Division 44 Distinguished Scientific Contribution award for 2017.

Dr. Bos received the Teacher of the Year Award in the Department of Child Development and Education at the University of Amsterdam, May, 2017.


Articles by Dr. Henny Bos

(On topics other than the NLLFS)

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Book Chapters by Dr. Henny Bos

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