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Basic Information about the NLLFS

Full Name of Study: The US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study
Abbreviated Name: NLLFS
Principal Researcher: Nanette Gartrell, MD
Study Dates: 1986 – present (the study is ongoing)
Website URL:
Press Contact: Dr. Nanette Gartrell - contact info


Overview of Study

The NLLFS is the largest and longest-running study of mothers and children in planned lesbian families. The NLLFS examines the social, psychological, and emotional development of the children as well as the dynamics of planned lesbian families. Findings from the study are intended for the use of specialists in healthcare, family services, adoption, foster care, sociology, feminist studies, education, ethics, same-sex marriage, civil union, and public policy on matters pertaining to LGBT families. The NLLFS was initiated by Dr. Gartrell in 1986.


Biographical Information for Dr. Nanette Gartrell

Name: Nanette Gartrell, MD
Titles: Williams Institute Visiting Distinguished Scholar, UCLA School of Law; Guest Appointment, University of Amsterdam; psychiatrist (private practice); author, My Answer Is No—If That's Okay with You: How Women Can Say NO with confidence
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